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HIS 366 – Vocations in Public History

Wondering what you can do with a degree in history? This course introduces students to a variety of careers pursued by public history professionals, from archivists, curators, and editors to administrators, cultural resources managers, and policy advisors. In the process of examining the diverse manifestations of presenting the past beyond the classroom, students will analyze the professional issues and political problems that practitioners of public history encounter. This will include an exploration of the relationship between historians and communities engaged in conversation and debates about both the purpose of history education and the intersections of history, cultural memory, heritage, and commemoration.

Students will also gain practical experience through participating in a Community Service Learning project or internship in collaboration with a local public history institution or organization.

While this courses is titled, “Vocations in Public History,” the class broadly applies to career options for anyone earning a degree in the Humanities. Some careers this class will help build skills for include: archiving, curating, editing, policy, teaching, counseling, social work, non-profit work, and politics.

Pre-requisites: Any one (1) history course