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HIS 267 – American Foreign Relations Since 1776

The content of this course examines interactions between the United States and the rest of the world, starting from 1776 up to the present. Students will examine the American Revolution from a diplomatic standpoint, American westward expansion, the progress of the United States emerging as a superpower, World Wards I&II, and 9/11 and its aftermath. There is a strong emphasis on the impact that U.S. globalism has had both domestically and abroad, with regard to economics, politics, and culture.

This course would benefit students with an interest in: Government work in: City/town management, Public policy at either Federal or Local/State levels, community affairs within local/state governments, community affairs, research/intelligence; Archival management/library science: exhibition/installation, categorizing and cataloging, research & education, maintaining records; Politics (local, state, and federal level).

Prerequisites: None