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CRM 275 – Sociology of Law

Students will examine the interrelationship between law and society through careful study of the law in action versus the language of the law. It offers a broad introduction to law as a social institution while examining how law can shape and form social institutions such as family, economy, and the state (politic). Topics to be covered include but are not limited to: theories of legal creation, types of legal systems, theories of social control and punishment, use of laws to affect social change, the impact racial and class inequalities have on creation and administration of law, and how key theorists in sociology have contributed to the field.

This course would benefit students who have interests in careers in Law, Law Reform, Advocacy, Government work in: City/town management, Public policy at either Federal or Local/State levels, community affairs within local/state governments, or Politics (local, state, and federal level).

Prerequisites: None