Accelerated MBA Student

The Career Development & Internship Center (CDIC) is here to help Accelerated MBA students build the skills and experience they will need for a successful and meaningful career.

The Career Development & Internship Center can help Assumption’s Accelerated MBA students:

  • Develop and refine their resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Find and pursue internship and employment opportunities
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Access valuable career resources to assist in the internship and career search
  • Network with alumni and local business professionals through career events


Anthony J. Manzi ’17, M.A. Corporate Recruiter

Hounds with Purpose is a space for alumni to share their stories of purpose and vocational engagement beyond their years at Assumption. This blog is created by the Center for Purpose and Vocation

By Mike D'Ambrosio
Mike D'Ambrosio
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Winter Break Tips for Success

Congratulations on making it through the semester, Hounds! You have all earned a few weeks of rest and relaxation before the spring semester starts.

This downtime is the perfect opportunity to take important steps in your career/internship/post graduate preparation, or …

By Mike D'Ambrosio
Mike D'Ambrosio
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Starting a Job in a Hybrid World

By: Caroline M. Rufo, Ph.D. ‘11

Like many others two years into this pandemic, I found myself starting a new job. As we continue down the path of this new normal, we are in a world of increasing remote or …

By Pilar Betts
Pilar Betts
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5 Ways Entry-Level Employees Can Advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work

Diversity and inclusion have long been buzzwords that companies parade—often for marketing purposes. But in the past few years, more and more job seekers and employees, particularly millennials and Gen Z, are vetting companies by their diversity and inclusion track …

By Anisa Purbasari Horton - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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How To Disclose Your Illness Or Disability To Your Employer

How To Disclose Your Illness Or Disability To Your Employer

By Hannah Olson

After graduating from college, Lyme disease nearly derailed my early career in Washington, DC. I was hooked up to an IV for 8 hours a day and …

By Guest Author - Symba
Symba is the leading program management platform powering thousands of workforce development programs, including internships, bootcamps, apprenticeships, and more!
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