Invest In You: Utilizing the CDIC and Handshake

Want to get started on you professional development, but don't know how?   During the first installment in the new professional development series, Invest In You: Utilizing the CDIC and Handshake, you will learn just what services the Career Development & Internship Center provides and how to make the most of the office during your time at Assumption.  You will also learn how to use the University's recruiting platform, Handshake, to not only search for internship…

How To: Search for Work Study/On Campus Employment

Interested in an on-campus job for the semester, but not sure how to search?  Look no further!  All of the employment opportunities at  Assumption University are listed on Handshake!  Watch this video to learn how to easily search and apply for the perfect on campus position.

How To: Schedule an Appointment on Handshake

Need to make an appointment to meet with a career advisor?  Watch this video to learn how to schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you!