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POL 321 – Public Policy

In this course, students will examine major contemporary and national problems of the U.S. and how they are dealt with/handled as per U.S. policy. Some of these problems include welfare, poverty, economic issues, education, health, transportation, and environmental protection. Course content will examine the link between different parts of the government, interest groups within the government, and how public policy is both formulated and executed. Finally, course content will ask students to closely examine the thoughts behind advocacy and opposition to the expansion of government responsibility in regards to a variety of areas of social action. This course is only offered in the spring, so do not miss your opportunity!

This course would benefit students with an interest in law, specialized areas of law reform, community outreach, advocacy, government advisory/counsel; Government work in: City/town management, Public policy at either Federal or Local/State levels, community affairs within local/state governments; Non-profit organization work: administration, management, and policy analysis.

Prerequisites: None