Looking for a job or internship? 5 Tips for Success.

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, it can be overwhelming to manage all of your commitments AND make time for your job or internship search.  Don’t give up – there’s still time to line up that next great …

By Nikki DiOrio
Nikki DiOrio Director, Career Development & Internship Center
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A Beginner’s Guide to Mock Interviews

You’ve probably heard the term, “mock interview,” but do you know what a mock interview is, or how it can benefit you as a future interviewee?

Mock interviews at the CDIC are conducted with a member of the CDIC or …

By Amanda Adams
Amanda Adams Career Advisor
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Get an internship. See the world.




The Intern Group provides award-winning international internship programs in London, New York, Hong Kong, Madrid, Australia, and Latin America.

Qualified individuals gain valuable professional experience at leading companies and organizations in their chosen industry sectors, while exploring …

By cdicga
cdicga Graduate Assistant
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Thinking about working at a Startup? Pay Attention.

Working at a Startup

Unanimously hailed as the cradle of invention and innovation in 21st century America, startup fever has gripped the nation. From Silicon Valley (San Francisco) to Silicon Alley (New York), the brightest minds compete to work for …

By Phil Strazzulla
Phil Strazzulla Founder & CEO
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