Highlighting Hounds – Naima Rauf

Round of applause to Naima Rauf ’24 for starting her spring internship at Reliant Medical Group as the Shadowing Intern. As a Health Sciences major, Naima is excited to gain exposure to healthcare services by shadowing a physician in Sports Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pain Management. Read the blog below to learn more about Naima’s experience and her plans for a future career in the medical field.

Naima Rauf ’24

Describe a typical day as an intern. What are your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities?

As an Intern Shadow, I have the opportunity to learn from Doctor Phong Kieu, a Sports Medicine/Internal Medicine/Pain Management physician. I shadow his check-in appointments and evaluations of diagnoses, learn how to use the EPIC System, and observe the seamless process of transmitting orders to various healthcare sectors. Each week, I am privileged to witness multiple procedures with patients of all ages. I analyze patient reports as well. Collaborating with an array of medical professionals within the office, I eagerly participate in stimulating discussions, delving deep into medical inquiries.

What are you hoping to accomplish in this internship?

I am hoping to complete an individualized case evaluation of patients and observe their client clinical course, disease state and management, and major takeaways to present to my classmates.

What are your career goals? How will this internship help you reach those goals?

I am pursuing a medical certification program or a master’s in physician assistant studies to pursue a career in medical administration or as a Medical Assistant. This internship will provide me with exposure to clinical and hospital environments and provide me with greater insight into a physician’s role.

What are your key takeaways from your experience? What skills do you hope to gain from this internship?

As an intern, I am gaining an understanding of the doctor-patient relationship and the procedural aspects of reporting patient visits.

I am excited to deepen my understanding of the thought process of a sports medicine physician. My goal is to broaden my insights into this specialized field, further enhancing my ability to initiate procedures and navigate patient care effectively.

Why did you apply to this internship? What aspects of the position/company interested you?

I applied for this position to gain exposure in clinical settings and to gain a firsthand understanding of the daily life of a doctor. Reliant Medical Group, a renowned healthcare company, holds a special place in my life. This personal connection has made me want to contribute to and grow within the company.

How has your Assumption education prepared you for this internship?

I have completed numerous courses in Health Sciences and Human Service and Rehabilitation Studies at Assumption University. In these courses, I have learned the professionalism and interpersonal skills necessary for the medical field. Also, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of medical situations and terminology and navigating in sudden situations.

What advice would you give to a student who wants to participate in an internship?

I recommend interning at Reliant Medical Group to gain amazing exposure to hospital settings!

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By Abby Sproles
Abby Sproles Graduate Assistant Career Advisor