Highlighting Hounds – Matthew Peterson

This week, we are highlighting Matthew Peterson ’24 for completing his summer internship at Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox! As a Gameday Operations Intern, Matthew played an integral role in ensuring that baseball operations ran smoothly and that visiting fans had a pleasant experience at each home game. Matthew was able to apply and grow his knowledge as a Marketing major to various game day operations including sales, fundraising, merchandising, and more! Read the interview below to learn more about Matthew’s internship.

What was a typical day for you as an intern? What were your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities?

Most of my role was providing gameday service to fans of the baseball game. This included sales of 50/50 raffles, marketing of the organization to first-time attendees, and general fan interaction and networking.

Matthew Peterson alongside the other interns at the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox over the summer.


What skills did you gain from this internship?

I gained skills in sales, customer service, brand marketing, and collaborating effectively with fellow interns.

Were you involved in any major projects or accomplishments?

Our organization received an award for our wonderful customer service, and a rewarding gameday experience.

What are your career goals? How will this internship help you reach those goals?

I hope to work in sales or be a recruiter for a corporate company. This internship helped me gain connections and learn how to network. I also gained great experience in sales as it pertains to selling products and marketing an organization.

Why did you apply to this internship? What aspects of the position interested you?

It seemed like a very rewarding experience! I knew that I would enjoy the role as I have a love for baseball and a passion for helping others run a successful organization. I never thought I would be able to make so many great connections and experiences while working.

What advice would you give to a student who wants to participate in a similar internship?

Be ready for anything. Every game or workday has different possibilities and different outcomes, both good and bad.



By Caitlin Sze
Caitlin Sze Graduate Assistant for Marketing, Communications & Event Management