Highlighting Hounds – Leigh Qualter

On this week of Highlighting Hounds, we are featuring Leigh Qualter, a Class of 2023 graduate who majored in Management. Leigh is now working as a Forest and Park Supervisor I at Wompatuck State Park in Hingham, MA. Leigh hopes to learn the business behind running a recreational agency as she hopes to start a business that educates the public about the environment and the animals within it in the future.

Interviewer: Describe a typical day in this position. What are/will be your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities?

Leigh: Every day starts with planning out daily activities and tasks. I ensure that campsite office and visitor center is staffed and prepared to assist campers. I am responsible for daily supervision of maintenance, operations and customer service related to the campsite at the state. I also interact with park employees from various departments such as rangers, maintenance personnel and Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) executives.


 Interviewer: Describe any major projects or accomplishments you were involved in. If you have not yet started this experience, what projects are you hoping to participate in? What are you hoping to accomplish?

Leigh: I have primary responsibility of running the IT functions for the campground, but I am also responsible for the training of new/ summer employees. I have used my knowledge and love of the outdoors as well as my business management education to successfully run the park on my own.


Interviewer: What are your career goals? How does this job position align with these goals?

Leigh: In the future, I plan to run my own business that combines my love of nature and animals, to educate the public and help them appreciate the great outdoors. This position helps me hone my management skills that I will then be able to use to run my own full-time business.


 Interviewer: What skills have you gained/hope to gain through this position?

Leigh: I have been able to incorporate my management background into real life setting and situations. I also have the opportunity to polish my customer service skills by distributing information to the public. I always ensure that safe work practices are followed and have gained a greater understanding of how to organize, implement and monitor park programs, which will be helpful when creating programming of my own.


Interviewer: Why did you apply to this job position? What aspects of the position/company interest you?

Leigh: I applied for this position because it was the perfect opportunity to develop my management skills while working in an outdoor setting. There are ample opportunities for career growth within the Department of Conservation and Recreation. I look forward to utilizing my Assumption University education and my passion for the outdoors as I progress in my career.


Interviewer: What advice would you give to a student who wants to apply to a similar job position?

Leigh: Apply for a position that aligns with your interests. This will make sure that you are successful and are able to enjoy the work.


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By Kelly Stairs M.A. '10
Kelly Stairs M.A. '10 Assistant Director