Highlighting Hounds – Ann Irwin

On this week of Highlighting Hounds, we are featuring Ann Irwin, a graduated senior who majored in Biology. Ann is now working as an Emergency Department Technician at Framingham Union Hospital.  Ann hopes to gain experience in patient care to help prepare her for her future as a Physician Assistant.


Interviewer: Describe a typical day in this position. What are/will be your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities?

Ann: Since my position is in the emergency room, my day never quite looks the same as the day before. It all depends on what kinds of cases come in. However, I am responsible for setting up patients on heart and other monitors, running EKGs, taking vitals, setting up rooms with ultrasound, GlideScope, EKG machines and other equipment during codes and when ambulances are on their way. I assist nurses, PA’s, and Doctors with various procedures and exams including cardioversions, intubations and more. I am also responsible for stocking the department with supplies.

Interviewer: Do you have any major projects or accomplishments you are involved in?

Ann: It’s hard to determine exactly what a major accomplishment would look like in my role, but I have been in the room gathering supplies, putting patients on monitors, running EKGs, and collecting vitals during urgent situations. It is always tense and very gratifying when a life is saved by the amazing doctors, PAs and nurses in the ER.

Interviewer: What are your career goals? How does this job position align with these goals?

Ann: Ultimately, I want to become a Physician Assistant (PA). Most PA schools require as part of the application, some amount of patient care experience, where you are directly working with and responsible in some capacity for patients. My experience in the ED will help me in applying to PA school but will also offer me valuable experience as a practicing PA.

Interviewer: What skills have you gained/hope to gain through this position?

Ann: I have gained many skills in a variety of areas. I learned and practiced technical skills like performing EKGs and taking vitals during urgent situations and more. However, I have also gained interpersonal skills from working with patients who are often distressed, in pain, and seeking help.

Interviewer: Why did you apply to this job position? What aspects of the position/company interest you?

Ann: I applied to this position after working in two long-term care facilities. I wanted to work in the Emergency Department because of the variety of cases that come in, the ability to work closely with PAs (since that is what I aspire to be), and the fast-paced environment.

Interviewer:  What advice would you give to a student who wants to apply to a similar job position?

Ann: My recommendation would be to emphasize your willingness to learn and desire to work within your application and interview!

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By Kelly Stairs M.A. '10
Kelly Stairs M.A. '10 Assistant Director