Alumna Guest Post – Making Social Media a Job

Sarah Johansson (’16) graduated from Assumption College with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Mass Communications, as well as two minors in Classics and Psychology. She is currently in her first year working as a Communications Coordinator at Newbury College, a private, career-focused college. While at Assumption, Sarah interned in the Office of Communications, became involved with Assumption Against Cancer, and was a member of the Honors Program.

Is Social Media a Real Job?

My first response to this question is: Yes! I have one! But, after thinking for a minute, I realize my answer is: kind of. Social media is only part of my Communications Coordinator position at Newbury College. In reality, I work on almost all aspects of communications and promotions for the College. This includes:

  • Creating social media posts
  • Managing website content
  • Writing press releases and email announcements
  • Covering College events
  • Interviewing faculty, staff and students for news articles
  • Creating graphics, flyers, booklets, etc.
  • Editing written content across College departments

From my experience, it is possible to have a career working with social media. Most companies or organizations that communicate a message or sell a product have some form of social media and need employees to manage those accounts. The only problem: so many social media jobs exist that you need to figure out what environment and position is best for you.

How Do I Get a Job Working with Social Media?

    1. Stand out – How many of your peers have social media accounts? Most, if not all, of their resumes probably have “social media” listed as a skill, whether or not they are pursuing a career in a related field. Your resume should stand out from the others and reflect that you have experience in professional social media.
      In my junior year at Assumption, I took Social Media Journalism with Andy Lacombe. This class began my interest in social media as a career. From here, I interned in the Assumption Office of Communications, co-created the @AssumptionStudents Instagram account, helped manage the Assumption Against Cancer social media accounts, and wrote a 50-page Honors Thesis on how news organizations use Twitter in crisis situations. For me, finding my career niche and building my resume were simultaneous.
    2. Have other interests and skills – As I mentioned above, my job is not exclusively managing social media—I use my journalism, writing, graphic design and web skills every day. While there are positions solely dedicated to managing social media, by having other skills and interests, you become qualified for many more opportunities. Social media is a skill and when you pair it with others you can find the best organization and position that combine your interests.

Why Do I Work in (and love) Higher Education?

Ever since I began interning with the Assumption Office of Communications, I fell in love with the higher education environment. The College is always busy with students, events or tours, so the days are never repetitive. I’m constantly surrounded by incredible students and I get to see them find and pursue careers in fields they love—all while I work in a field I love. Every day, I get to combine my interests in writing, graphic design, and social media and get paid for it.

Newbury itself is an amazing place to work. First, I don’t commute to a cubicle in the city every day; I head to the Fisher Hill District of Brookline, Mass to work in the historical Mitton House (built in 1893). Here, the community is small and close-knit, so I interact with and get to know most of the students, faculty and staff. The community cares for each other and cares about the College mission, making my job much more rewarding.

If you are considering a career in higher education, is a great resource for job listings—it’s how I found Newbury. I fell in love with higher education while at Assumption, applied in communications and admissions departments all over New England, and ended up finding the perfect job in Brookline, Mass.

By Sarah Johansson '16
Sarah Johansson '16 Communications Coordinator