The information below is based on data collected from Assumption University starting one month prior to graduation through December of the graduating year. The collection of responses and reporting was completed through The Outcomes Survey (TOS) by GradLeaders in accordance with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reporting standards. The knowledge rate was 98% for the class of 2021, 98.5% for the class of 2020, 97% for the class of 2019, 98% for the class of 2018, and 98% for the class of 2017.

First Destination Results

(% of students employed, enlisted in the military, enrolled in additional education, or participated in post-graduate service as of December of their graduating year)

Class of 2021: 91%

Class of 2020: 91%

Class of 2019: 95%

Class of 2018: 95%

Class of 2017: 94.3%

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