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HRS 420 Family Aspects of Disability

This course uses a family systems approach to cover the life cycle of the family. Students will learn to develop and use a genogram to better understand the family system. The course also takes a specific focus on the complex challenges that families face when a family member has a chronic illness, severe disability or substance use disorder. The course will examine family risk factors and interventions employed to prevent and mitigate the effects associated with these factors. The course will focus on developing specialized skills and techniques for working with families in an attempt to foster family cohesion to confront challenges. This course attempts to provide students with a context and a philosophy for facilitating families as they move through time. Furthermore, the course aims to teach professionals to assist family members in becoming a positive resource and support for each other as they confront the many challenges associated with disability, chronic illness, or substance use disorders. The course covers a variety of family assessment and intervention models. The course includes an analysis of relevant and critical issues to consider when working with families during the treatment, intervention, and/or rehabilitation processes. Specific attention is given to the family life cycle and the effect of risk factors, such as disability, chronic illness or substance use disorders on the family.

(Spring) Staff/Three Credits