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BIO 230 – Plant Biology

If you have interest in learning about plants and how they grow, this course is a great option! The study of plant biology provides an introduction to the biology of plants, and students will examine the role of plants in the biosphere, plant form and function, and the evolution of plants. While completing lab work, students will explore representatives of the major groups of plants and learn the fundamentals of plant tissue culture techniques in order to study plant growth and development. Students will participate in field work, which includes trips to a variety of local habitats. The weekly class meetings are comprised of three lectures and one laboratory or field trip each week.

Students interested in careers in environmental research, botany, ecological work/research, agriculture, natural resource management, federal, local, or state government (i.e. EPA) or environmental non-profit work would benefit from taking this course.

Lab Fee: $400.00

Prerequisite: BIO 160 or equivalent

*This class will not be offered again until the fall of 2020, so don’t miss your chance to take it!