BIO 140 INQUIRY BIOLOGY FOR EDUCATORS In this course, students learn fundamental concepts and models associated with three major subdisciplines of biology – genetics, ecology, and evolution. The course heavily emphasizes the use of open-ended, problem-solving methods of teaching and learning to help students develop their own functional understanding of the major concepts. A significant part of students’ problem-solving work involves the use of computer technology, including the use of concept mapping and computer simulations to facilitate concept development. The course is intended for students planning on pursuing a career in elementary or middle school education. As such, particular attention is given to understanding common misconceptions that children have concerning learning about biological phenomena and considering the ramifications of these misconceptions for the development of effective classroom instruction. At least twice during the term, students will be expected to teach “mini” lessons in the biological sciences to visiting elementary school children. The course meets twice weekly in a 3-hour lab session. This course fulfills the Core Curriculum requirement for a science with a lab.