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BIO 115 Matters & Mysteries of the Brain

The brain is the most complex and least understood organ in our bodies. It is fascinating to consider that the brain is required for a vast array of functions including learning and memory, motor movement, and perception of our environment. The brain’s vital role in our daily life is indisputable, yet we do not fully understand the fundamental underpinnings of brain function. For this reason, the brain is referred to as the last frontier of science. In this course, student-driven approaches will be used to explore what is known and what is not yet fully understood about brain function through the use of case studies of humans suffering from brain injury, hypothesis-driven experimentation, and critical examination of recent science findings as described by the media. Students will refine their practice of the scientific method while enhancing critical thinking skills. This course fulfills the Core curriculum science requirement for the Class of 2020 and after. Lab fee: $200