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ART 107 Collage & Assemblage

This course is an examination of collage and assemblage – art made from the found and collected debris of the contemporary world. Questions of memory, history, fragmentation, ecology, and language will be explored in the making of collages from found, recycled, and constructed images and objects. These things that resonate with the past might suggest a collective memory for humanity, but one that is hazy at best. We will consider the public culture of mass produced objects and the autobiographical symbolism of private mementos, as we raise questions about memory, history, recycling, and reuse in relationship to material culture. These issues will be addressed in the making of collages from recovered, recycled, and constructed images and objects and in-class discussions. In addition to studio work, assignments include readings, films, and in-class presentations. Students will be responsible for purchasing a supply kit and for a Studio Fee of $40.00. This course fulfills the Core requirement for a Fine Art class in Culture and Expression. Orlinsky/Three credits