What Is Big Interview?


 Big Interview

When preparing for a job interview, it’s not enough to only read advice – you need to put that advice into practice! That’s why Big Interview isn’t just a training course. You’ll also get hands-on practice with mock …

By Sydney Huckabee
Sydney Huckabee Marketing Graduate Assistant Sydney Huckabee
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Fall 2020 CDIC Drop In Hours

Assumption University Career Development & Internship Center

Fall 2020 Drop In Hours are as follows:

Monday: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM

Wednesday: 10:30 AM -12:30 PM

LOCATION: ZOOM link available on Handshake

Stop by for a quick question or just to get to know the office and our staff!

By Sydney Huckabee
Sydney Huckabee Marketing Graduate Assistant Sydney Huckabee
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5 Ways You Can Benefit from an Internship


Many students share the goal of education preparing them for future careers. Career preparedness includes academic success and gaining important life skills. However, more and more importance is being placed on the value of experiential learning.

This is where internships …

By John Chetro-Szivos, Ph.D.
John Chetro-Szivos, Ph.D.
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5 Tips to Ace Your Virtual Interview

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 10.26.59 AM

With the job market changing and technology advancing, virtual interviews are becoming more and more popular everyday! While there are some similarities between a typical in-person interview and a virtual one, it is important to know what might change and …

By Gillan Peabody
Gillan Peabody Marketing & Communications Graduate Assistant Gillan Peabody
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7 Tips for Your Job/Internship Search During COVID-19

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 10.00.09 AM

Wondering what you can do to adapt to the new hiring process? Here at 7 helpful tips if you are job/internship hunting during COVID-19:

Create an online presence. Create or update your LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, as that will be …

By Gabrielle Martinez
Gabrielle Martinez Career Advising Graduate Assistant Gabrielle Martinez
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