7 Tips for Your Job/Internship Search During COVID-19

Wondering what you can do to adapt to the new hiring process? Here at 7 helpful tips if you are job/internship hunting during COVID-19:

  1. Create an online presence. Create or update your LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, as that will be the primary way employers get to know you. Book an appointment with the CDIC if you need assistance!
  2. Network online. Create connections and build relationships with recruiters and employers by liking, commenting, direct messaging, and setting up possible virtual informational interviews to show your interest in the company/position. Maintain prior connections with professors, supervisors, coworkers, family, friends, and let them know you are looking for a job/internship. Check out this Online Networking Webinar by Caroline Rufo; Online Networking Webinar with Caroline Rufo ’11
  3. Attend virtual events. There are still plenty of career fairs and webinars being held online. Sign up for events to stay engaged and continue your professional development. The CDIC Edge website and Handshake are both updated with many virtual events!
  4. Follow up with recruiters. If you haven’t heard back from a potential recruiter that you were previously in contact with for a position, it is okay to reach out to them and follow up if you have not heard from them for more than two weeks. Acknowledge that you understand things may be uncertain under the current circumstances, and ask if the position is still open or if there is a tentative timeline.
  5. Prepare for virtual interviews. For the time being, all interviews will be held virtually via phone call or Zoom meeting. Make sure you check out our Virtual Interview Skills document under our resources tab on our website to ensure you are fully prepared for your virtual interview!
  6. Understand that many employers are still hiring. Although some employers have a halt in their hiring process, many actually have an increased need for employees. Don’t give up, keep an open mind, and be flexible! Use the job boards on Handshake and LinkedIn to browse available positions.
  7. Practice good communication skills. Since your entire interview process will be done remotely, make sure you are exercising and showcasing communication skills throughout the whole process. Answer emails and phone calls professionally and promptly. Be clear, concise, and patient with the employer/recruiter.

Questions? Email careerdevelopment@assumption.edu or book an appointment with us on Handshake!

By Gabrielle Martinez
Gabrielle Martinez Career Advising Graduate Assistant Gabrielle Martinez