5 Tips to Ace Your Virtual Interview

With the job market changing and technology advancing, virtual interviews are becoming more and more popular everyday! While there are some similarities between a typical in-person interview and a virtual one, it is important to know what might change and how to prepare yourself!

Here are 5 Tips to Ace Your Virtual Interview:

  1. Research the company and interviewer(s) beforehand. Just as you would for a standard interview, you need to know the organization well to demonstrate that you are the right fit for the company. LinkedIn and the company website are great tools to help you gather information. Doing some research can also help you formulate questions for the interviewer.
  2. Know your background. Remember that everything in sight of your camera is in the sight of the interviewer. We recommend having a bare wall with nothing else behind you if possible. A bare wall will ensure that nothing in your background distracts the interviewer from you and ensures that nothing unprofessional is behind you. Although it is in your home, this interview is just as much of an interview if you had gone into the office for it. Dress professionally and act the way you would have if you physically went into the office.
  3. Smile for the camera. Although looking at the screen is tempting and it is how you see the interviewer, try focusing and looking at the camera when answering questions. This makes it appear to the interviewer that you are giving them eye-contact and focusing on them.
  4. Do a test run. Technology can be tricky! If you’ve never used the application that the employer requested for the interview or haven’t in a while, it is important to learn about it beforehand and familiarize yourself with it. Check your microphone, volume, and camera settings on your device beforehand to ensure that everything works properly. Make sure you have the latest version of whatever application is being used as updates can help prevent glitches during the interview.
  5. Say thank you! It is always important to let someone know that their time is valuable and that you appreciated the opportunity to talk to them. Send a thank you note or email to everyone who interviewed you with specific details from the conversation.

Need more tips? Head to our full list of tips here: https://career.assumption.edu/resources/tips-for-virtual-interviews/

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By Gillan Peabody
Gillan Peabody Marketing & Communications Graduate Assistant