2020 Career Fair Prep Series

Why should you attend the Career Fair? Ask your friends!

“The Career and Internship Fair is meaningful to me because it allowed me to practice my professional skills while making connections in the work place. I learned how to talk with job representatives and how to communicate with them after the fair had occurred. Some advice is to definitely dress to impress, and know your resume inside and out. Bring extra copies to hand out to job recruiters and make sure to answer questions with confidence.” -Natalia Kaczor ’20



“The Career and Internship Fair is a great way to network and discover new companies and industries, but it also helped me to gain confidence in professional situations. Attending the career fair was meaningful for me because it allowed me to practice presenting myself professionally in front of new people. Over the years, I was able to practice dressing professionally, introducing myself, as well as asking and answering questions at the career fair. My experiences at the career fair helped me to become more confident during my job search because I had practice meeting new people and answering questions for interviews. “ -Kayla Reilly ’18 G’19



The CDIC has a Career Fair Prep Series in order to help you prepare for the Career Fair. Attend the events to ensure success! Email careerdevelopment@assumption.edu or stop by Alumni 026 with any questions!

By Gillan Peabody
Gillan Peabody Marketing & Communications Graduate Assistant Gillan Peabody