Fall 2018 Course Exploration

The semester seems to be flying by, and it’s already almost time for Fall 2018 course selection! Looking to take some exciting courses that will benefit you in a wide variety of fields? Then check out the Featured Classes in our Career Communities!

What are Career Communities, you ask?

Career Communities are groups of related career fields. On the CDIC Edge homepage, you can select any of 11 Career Community from the drop-down menu. These include:

  • Accounting, Economics, and Finance
  • Education, Social Services, and Counseling
  • Communications, Media, and Design
  • General Business and Management
  • Government, Law Enforcement, and Politics
  • Healthcare, Pharma, Biotechnology, and Sciences
  • Human Resources and Recruiting
  • Math, Data Analytics, and Actuarial Science
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Ministry and Religious Life
  • Technology and Engineering

Remember, your major does not lock you into a certain career path. Use the Career Communities to see what variety of fields you could consider that are applicable to what you’re studying at Assumption.

Selecting Fall 2018 Courses

Each Career Community features relevant, exciting courses to be offered in the upcoming semester and provides information about the course, prerequisites, and various career fields in which this course would help you build skills. You may find courses outside your major that will help you greatly in your future career!

Consider all your options, meet with your advisor, and make sure you’re taking classes that will challenge you and help you move closer toward your goals.

By Beth Teague
Beth Teague Graduate Assistant Beth Teague