Find the Right Major for You with These Resources!

With sophomore major decision deadlines fast approaching, ’tis the season for exploration! Whether you’re undeclared or considering changing your major, these resources will be a great help.

Focus 2

FOCUS 2 is an online, interactive, self- guided career and education planning system designed to help you make decisions about your future career goals and education plans. With this resource, you can:

  • Take self-assessments to be connected with majors and occupations that match your personal attributes
  • Explore major areas of study that match your interests and support your career goals
  • Learn what you can do with each major offered at Assumption College
  • Discover what majors are typically associated with various occupations
  • Compare occupations (including supporting majors, salaries, and anticipated growth of the field)
  • See how ready you are to start the career planning process

When logging in for the FIRST time, click on REGISTER under Don’t have an account? Create your own personal account now

Enter the following ACCESS CODE on the self- registration page: hounds (cAse seNsiTiVe)

If you have already registered, use your Houndmail username and password to continue exploring your options!

Be sure to save occupations and areas of study (majors) that you’re interested in so you can access them again later in your portfolio!

Career Communities

Explore majors that have common threads, as well as exciting classes offered within those disciplines. From the CDIC Edge homepage, you can select any Career Community and see what featured classes are being offered, as well as what career fields students might pursue.

Major Decision Series

Hear from faculty in every discipline during Assumption’s Major Decision Series over the next month. Every Tuesday/Thursday in the Marriott Room (Taylor Dining Hall) during common hour, faculty will present about the majors in which they teach, requirements, and opportunities available to students within those majors. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions both about majors and about opportunities related to them. See below for the schedule of events.

Faculty and Staff

As always, the Assumption College faculty and staff are here to help you through your decision-making. Be sure to meet with your academic advisor to discuss what classes you’ve enjoyed so far and what majors might be a fit for you based on your interests and strengths. You can also book an appointment with the CDIC to explore how your past work experiences, general areas of interest, previous coursework, and potential career goals translate into a major at Assumption College.

By using the resources available to you, you’ll be sure to select a major that’s a fit for you.

By Beth Teague
Beth Teague Graduate Assistant Beth Teague