How to Spring (Make or) Break (your Future)

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly halfway through the semester and that spring break is already here! Of course, this is a time to relax and regroup after weeks of hard work. You’ve certainly earned it! But don’t lose sight of all you can do now to make sure you’re relaxed when the semester ends instead of scrambling to figure out what you’re going to do for the summer. Here are some things you can do this Spring Break to make – not break – your chances at reaching your goals and avoiding stress later.

  1. Resumes/Cover Letters 
    There’s no question that resumes and cover letters can be time consuming, and it can be tough to find time to do them well when you’re also juggling school work. Get your drafts out of the way during your downtime this week. The CDIC is even here over break to review your drafts! Resumes submitted through Career Connection will be reviewed electronically. Cover letters can be emailed to for feedback. We are even available for in-person, phone, and Skype meetings! Just send us an email or call us at 508-767-7227 to set up an appointment.

  2. Job/Internship Search
    Believe it or not, employers are already recruiting for full-time jobs and summer internships. Set yourself up for success by getting your applications in now. Don’t miss out on opportunities because you waited until May to start your search! Take advantage of the tools on Career Connection to guide your search. Remember, new opportunities are always being added, so check back frequently to see what else has been posted!
  3. Build LinkedIn Account
    So much of today’s recruiting and networking relies on social media and technology. LinkedIn is a great way to grow you professional network, stay informed about companies you’re interested in, and search for jobs. Find Assumption alumni working in your desired field and ask for tips. Or join the Career Connection group to network with other students and alumni. Showcasing your experiences on LinkedIn highly increases your chances of a recruiter reaching out to YOU about opportunities.
    Need help figuring out how to build an account? Check out the LinkedIn Profile Checklist on the CDIC’s Resources page. The CDIC is also here to help you with LinkedIn during the break.
  4. Networking/Job Shadows
    It may sound silly, but your family is a valuable professional network. If you have an aunt who works in the field you’re interested in, ask if her company has an internship program or if you could do a job shadow. An internal referral will be a great help in earning a position, which will give you experience for future endeavors.
    Going away for Spring Break? You never know who you might meet or when a new networking opportunity will arise! If you meet someone in your field, follow up with them later.

Come May, you’ll be thanking yourself for putting in the work when you had some downtime. The CDIC is here to help and support you through the process, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

And whatever you do this week, remember that what goes on the internet stays on the internet (and that employers will find it!). It might be Spring Break, but let it make you, not break you.

By Beth Teague
Beth Teague Graduate Assistant Beth Teague