5 Reasons You Should Get a Job in Tech

Amid all of the studying, test-taking, and fun of college, you are likely to make some of the biggest decisions of your life. From your major, to your desired career field, the decisions you make during these formidable years have the potential to shape your future and set you on a specific path in life. So, the question is, what career path is right for you?

When planning your future, it’s wise to consider a career field with jobs that will still be around decades from now, and also offer a competitive pay. The tech industry offers just that and so much more. Here are 5 reasons you should consider a career in the tech field.

1. The Industry is Still Booming

Since the early 90s, the tech industry has been booming, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Technology is everywhere, a part of nearly every job, and it’s very unlikely that this will ever change—we’ve all come to rely on technology far too much for it to suddenly disappear. Choosing a career in the tech industry means you have countless opportunities available to you.

2. The Pay Is Excellent

While the average yearly income for a person living in the United States is about $48,000, the average salary for an employee in the tech industry is significantly higher. Here are four occupations and their average yearly salary:

*Computer Support Specialist $61,830

*Computer Systems Analyst $82,710

*Software Developer $95,510

*IT Manager $127,640

3. Guaranteed Job Security

Given what you already know about the tech boom, it’s clear that tech jobs will never become obsolete. As long as you are willing to continue to learn and grow right along with the tech industry, you are sure to have a long, fruitful career in technology.

4. It’s a Broad Industry with Many Options

With tech jobs available in nearly every career field, you have a multitude of opportunities open up to you. You can work in IT at a major financial institution, write code for a software developer, and even help imagine and bring to life the next generation of tech gadgets—the possibilities are truly endless.

5. The Possibility of New Tasks Daily

In the ever-changing tech field, even if you stick with one job throughout your entire career, you’ll likely retire performing totally different job functions than you did when you first started. As an IT specialist, you may be resetting passwords one day, updating software the next, and ridding computers of a virus later that week. The only constant in the tech field is change.

Now’s the Time to Get Started

Whether you’re just beginning your college experience, or preparing to graduate, now is the time to learn how to get an IT job. At DNSstuff, we are experts in the tech field, and want to share our knowledge with you. Check out our site to learn more.

By Hayden Beck
Hayden Beck