Guest Post – Pump Up Your Profile: How to Maximize LinkedIn for Networking and Your Job Search

Heidi Helveston started working at Enterprise Holdings in 2005 as a Management Trainee and has since worked her way up to Talent Acquisition Specialist. From her own experience using LinkedIn to recruit candidates, Heidi knows what will make an employer look at your profile.

Welcome to your senior year! You are probably slowly realizing that the “real world” is creeping closer and closer and that your job search needs to kick into gear. In the digital world that we live in, it’s becoming more and more important to prep all aspects of your self-presentation so complete those internships, tune up those resumes, start some interviewing prep, and pump up your LinkedIn profile!

LinkedIn is the go-to social media outlet for job seekers and recruiters alike. There are 332+ million members globally and 7,200 new members every hour. To stay in the game, you really need to make sure that your profile is ready to go as you start your job search. There are a lot of things that you can do to your profile that can improve your visibility to companies, tell your professional story, and allow your profile to really act as a living and breathing electronic “resume.”


Creating your profile is the important first step. Make sure that you are including all of the following aspects:

  • Name – Only your name, keep it short
  • Headline– An engaging headline showcasing your expertise- almost like a one sentence elevator pitch
  • Photo – Professional image – headshot only – This is not Facebook or Instagram. Your potential future company doesn’t need to see you on a beach! You are 40% more likely to be viewed if you have a picture posted.
  • Vanity URL – Created with your name and included on resumes and email signatures
  • Summary – This should be an engaging summary that includes information such as what you do, your services, your abilities, and perhaps a bit of personal information about you.

LinkedIn is like a networking game. Updates that you share are viewable to second degree connections. Your connections may also see your updates and share them with their connections. Essentially, it’s not just about who you know, but who they know, and who they know… the list goes on and on. Make connections with people who you meet along the way, follow companies that interest you, and join groups. You never know when the job of your dreams may pop up and someone in your network has a connection to it! It’s always a great idea to connect with and find alumni from Assumption. You have that common connection already and I’m sure you will find that they are always willing to give tips and advice to a fellow Greyhound!

Just keep in mind that recruiters are using LinkedIn daily to search for new talent so don’t think that your work and accomplishments go unnoticed! If a recruiter reaches out to you about opportunities, keep an open mind and consider responding even if not interested in the position at that time. It’s always better to be professional and keep the door open in case you reconsider the job in the future.

This is only one small piece of the job searching game but it is becoming more and more important year after year. Best of luck!

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By Heidi Helveston, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Enterprise Holdings
Heidi Helveston, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Enterprise Holdings Talent Acquisition Specialist